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April 2022: Taiwan Customs Police Investigate On-Line Auction Seller and Seize Counterfeit SD Memory Cards

Taiwan Customs Police carried out an infringement investigation of an individual purportedly offering and selling counterfeit SD memory cards though an on-line auction site. The investigation led to the confiscation of counterfeit SD memory cards found in the individual’s possession.

Thereafter, SD-3C LLC filed a complaint against the individual for trademark infringement. These actions are still pending.

Due to the proliferation of counterfeit goods offered for sale within internet commerce and auction websites, SD-3C LLC engages in web search and monitoring services to detect and immediately remove infringing listings offering the sale of counterfeit SD memory cards and SD related products.

SD-3C LLC is dedicated to the enforcement and protection of its intellectual property rights (IPR), and vigilantly protects its IPR from unauthorized use around the world.